About me


A passionate web developer with over ten years commercial experience in the internet sector. Hard working individual with good interpersonal skills.

An advocate of web standards, web accessibility and the open source movement, interested in usability to create a sound user experience.

Experience building custom websites using content management systems with back-end solutions to deliver first class projects.


I have extensive knowledge of front-end web technologies such as HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, SASS / LESS and JavaScript / jQuery. I leverage open source tools and libraries like Composer, Gulp, npm, libsass / SASSC and BrowserSync to form an automated build system and enhance work-flow.

Over the years I have developed skills using the LAMP stack to create content managed websites. With a well rounded knowledge configuring Drupal and Drupal Commerce I have been able to combine my strong theming skills and explore responsive web design using the mobile first philosophy. I've used various frameworks such as Bootstrap / Zen / Fusion / and follow the principles of SMACSS with unobtrusive JavaScript and progressive enhancement.

In addition to this, I have planned and delivered projects using Scrum and Agile software development methodologies. I use version control software such as Subversion / Git, I am familiar with Drupal development technologies such as Drush and I particularly like using Linux OS and the BASH shell.

A portrait of Simon M White looking tired and not forgetting, old

Personal life

I am a proud husband and father of two children. I enjoy all kinds of music, especially heavy metal and I love watching live performances.

Being outdoors and getting involved in outdoor activities is something I've done since I was young and active in the Scout movement; I love camping and practising bush craft skills as well as cooking on an open fire.

Half of Simon M White's head with his back garden in the background

To keep fit I am a regular climber at my local bouldering gym and like hiking and walking whenever possible.

At home I enjoy being in my garden, I like to grow wild flowers, soft fruit and vegetables. I am a home brewer and have a brewery setup which I use to develop and explore various beers styles that are in line with the BJCP guidelines.